Fudge Flavours
  • Birthday Cake – creamy Vanilla fudge with sprinkles and Nilla wafers
  • **Café Mocha – smooth chocolate and coffee fudge swirled together. Made with Nescafe Instant coffee.
  • **Chocolate – rich creamy Chocolate fudge
  • **Cinnamon Bun – Vanilla fudge with cinnamon, and a delicious cream cheese swirl
  • Cookies ‘N Cream – Crushed Oreos and Vanilla Fudge,
  • Cookie Dough – Vanilla fudge with yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough chunks
  • **Cotton Candy – Classic pink and blue swirled fudge with a cotton candy flavour
  • **Dark Chocolate Sea Salt – rich dark chocolate fudge with a layer of caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt on top
  • **Irish Cream – delicious Irish Cream flavoured fudge with a hint of chocolate
  • **Canadian Maple – classic smooth maple flavour
  • **Maple Walnut – crushed walnuts mixed into the Canadian Maple fudge
  • **Maple Bacon – just like breakfast! Real Bacon bits mixed into the Canadian Maple fudge
  • **Mint Chocolate – rich chocolate swirled with a fresh mint flavoured fudge
  • **Omg Chocolate – Caramel and Chocolate fudge swirled with a ribbon of caramel
  • **Orange Cream – made with natural orange oil, tastes just like a creamsicle
  • **Peanut Butter Chocolate – smooth Skippy peanut butter fudge coupled with rich chocolate, a peanut butter lover’s dream
  • **Pistachio – crushed salted pistachios mixed in a delicious pistachio flavoured fudge
  • **Vanilla Chocolate Swirl – a smooth twist of two classic flavours
  • **Coconut Mango – fudge made with real mango puree and shredded coconut
  • Key Lime Pie – vanilla fudge and graham crackers swirled into tangy fudge made with natural lime juice.
  • **Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake – this delicious combination is made with real cream cheese, raspberry puree and natural lemon oil, for that perfect cheesecake taste
  • **Rootbeer Float – tastes just like the real thing, rootbeer flavoured fudge with a vanilla ribbon
  • **Watermelon – yummy watermelon flavoured fudge with chocolate sprinkles. Tastes as good as it looks!
  • ** Gluten Free